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Newbie need some basic guidance

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I just got SMF 2.2 and I am struggling. Don't know how to do anything! I read the posts here and  the online manual and , well its foreign to me. Code? Where? I don't see any files that have any code in them. How do you get these files and how do you open them. Was program do you use to open and replace code? Man this is frustrating because I had a lic for Vbulletin and dropped it because I was told SMF was way easier to use. I guess so but man I need some simple hand holding here.

Hello there and welcome to smf community.

Did you manage to isntall smf forum? Can you please tell us about specific question that you have?

You can find all smf files in package that you downloaded from our site. That package should be uploaded and extracted on your server before installation proces starts. You can open every file from there with some text editor (i would suggest to use notepad++), but i don't see a reason to open and changea any files/codes for now.

Please take a look on our Installing SMF instructions if you didn't manage to install smf, and let us know if you have any further questions.


Well my problem is that I am a rookie to forums. I now have one and am running into brick walls. One thing would be if there was a set of directions on how to use the forum that was just for members and not administrator level. Like how to post, add a smiley log in what to do when and if stuff. Basic but needed for other rookies like me.

Please take a look at this links:
Logging In

Also, take a look at the whole "As a regular user" cateogory at wiki:

Dzonny!!!! Wow, Thank you, thank you, thank you....
That is a big help.
I have my forum hosted at siteground. They handled posting the software for free.
I hope to not need to code anything but I see some have need from time to time. Such as security issues ect. Changing logos adding stuff. Sounds like fun actually but need to go in small steps. Could you suggest some things I can do to learn more about changing and repair and making my site  safer and more friendly yo my users in the future?
Again thanks for the help so far...


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