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I'd like to know, with your experience, if I have to change server or ask for more band.
I'm on
Please, let me know, that my forum goes down every 5 minutes.

To be honest, with the stupidly oversold packages they have, you shouldn't expect it not to go down every five minutes.

my goodness...what a bad new.
I've changed database to have smf software as a solid forum, changed server to have something better than the past and after 3 months of changes, studies and I don't know how many other things (I've never seen a php code, but I've arranged in the best way many things), now I have to plan seriusly to change server... :(
Please, suggest me something (host) that will never give to me so many troubles. My users are bored, and I write here to understand what's up and on my forum to giustify the tired  :( ::)

I'd probably look at either charlottezweb or montecarlohosting. I don't endorse either however so if it all goes wrong, don't blame me. Take a look in the Hosts and Hosting board.

No, Ben :-[ I want to thank you for your answers...
It's silly to look for solutions if the problem is far from codes. I would have a confirming, and you gave it. So thank you again ;)


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