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All themes designers: next page, please!

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I would ask all designers to add "next page" button and possibly "previous page" button also for browsing topics.

The list of pages "Pages: [1] 2 3 ... 250" often tends to be quite tiny. Elderly people can have diffculties hitting right page numbers. (Yes, there are even elderly people using forums, by growing numbers :))

This could be: Pages: <prev> 1 2 [3] 4 5...250 <next>. At least <prev> and <next> could be a bit larger buttons also for people with challenged sight.

Not a bad idea actually. I'll certainly see if I can work with that in my themes.

What other options would make browsing forums easier you think? Sometimes designers tend to forget that not all are super-users or young eyes(mine are 43 years old so I def. see the benefit lmao) :)

make sure that the font color for links are a different color so people will not miss inline links.

check the background color for quotes/codes to make sure the font used there is still able to be read.

some people have trouble reading fonts when the color is somewhat close to the same as the background.

for example looking at your ModernDark64 theme the quote text is gray and the background to the quote is also gray, a lot of people will find that hard to read as the font does not pop off the background.

Do remember that not everyone will like every theme.

Personally, I *DISLIKE* themes where the font "pops" off the screen... I tend to like muted greys (I did a greyscale version of the curve theme for one of my sites)   but that is personal choice.

So, saying "All theme designers" is a bit presumptuous. :)     I'd say, rather...  "Hey you theme designers, please make some themes which work well for vision-impaired type users"

Personally I'm not sure why this (the original request) wasn't done already...
Thank you for the proposal.


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