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SA, we have SA Shop on our site.

However we have members that have asked me to see if there was a way to buy an item and have that money not go back to the bank or disappear.

I host a Sports Forum and we have our own Forum called "Bar and Grill"

Our members have suggested an idea that would allow them to buy a beer throught the Shop Mod and have the Money go to the Bar and Grill.  Then have a stat that shows how much the B&G made money wise.

One of our ideas was to create a store and name it what you like, such as you do with catagories.  Then create shop items that you can put into these stores and when you buy something from that store, the store gets the credit instead of the money just disappearing.

Is this supposed to be for SA regarding the shop mod?


--- Quote from: Old Fossil on May 18, 2012, 09:55:11 PM ---Is this supposed to be for SA regarding the shop mod?

--- End quote ---

Mostly SA, but if anyone knows how to create a mod like this I'm all ears.

Have you considered sending SA a pm regarding this?

I don't know how SA feels about PM's. It makes sense to do that, do you think SA wouldn't mind?



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