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[3.0] My Thoughts on Features for SMF 2.1

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I'd reply on every point, I pretty much agree with what live627 has said above. :)

--- Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on September 20, 2011, 08:39:47 PM ---Well, the spellcheck requires a third party...maybe just officially support this addon.

--- End quote ---

Actually, the spellcheck just requires PHP to be compiled with aspell/pspell support. That's not a 3rd party tool in the same sense as ReCaptcha. ;)

Matthew K.:
ReCaptcha is owned by Google. Doesn't Google pretty much own everything on the web? :P I'm sure they have to have some sort of API.

Recaptcha is useless now. It was broken by the spambots several months ago.

Ditto +100 on the entire initial post.

I actually think that the default SMF captcha is stronger than ReCaptcha. When I used a site with ReCaptcha, I had bots everywhere. When I set the default SMF captcha to high/extreme, I have no problems with bots at all. loving the rest of the post! +99 :P


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