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[3.0] My Thoughts on Features for SMF 2.1

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I agree with many of the OP's suggestions but would definitely like to see the old gif's finally put to rest and replaced with png's.
Although I have went through rc2, 3, 4 and 5 and replaced all images and altered all files to make my SMF sites and themes 100% png, it does take time to accomplish so I finally gave up on doing so for 2.0 and 2.0.1.
But all png images does make for a much cleaner look when it comes to theme alterations. And, since SFM does not contain any real large images (other than main_block.png) but mostly small images/icons, an all png SMF should not make much of a difference as far as load times. At least not in the experiences that I have had with an all png SMF install.



--- Quote ---File Based - Database Modifying - Menu:
There were huge benefits with the move of the menu from template files in 1.1, to Source side in 2.0, however this still could be much more customizable for forum admins who do not know any coding, and even for those who do, much more simple and quick.

The solution is a file-based, and database driven modifying for the menu, with a very customizable and easy to use interface in the admin panel. (Menu Editor Lite + some features of full)
--- End quote ---
You know how i found this thread? By searching for "menu", because i have searched all of my forum files for over an hour and can't for the hell of it find the place where the buttons are managed. (Wanted to add a button of my own and make a few changes...)
So, though i don't know what exactly he has in mind, i really agree with the thread-author on this one!

Love this thread. Agree with all especially those gif icons. LOSE IE6 support! Support only back to IE8

We had already decided on that anyway. :)


--- Quote from: Antechinus on December 02, 2011, 05:13:25 PM ---We had already decided on that anyway. :)

--- End quote ---



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