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I exchanged a bit of PMs with crustybum.

His problem is that the quiz data are not loaded to the template when accessing the quiz page, that leads to a broken quiz link (the one that opens the popup window) without the quiz ID. At the point, of course, the script that retrieves the data from the database doesn't know what quiz he is trying to play and it give the error message "already played".

Honestly I have no idea of what can lead to this result, I'd need to debug it...

My quiz can't play, pls help me to fix:


Hi, Is there a way to change the URL from SMFQuiz?

yup.... modify every instance in the code. :P


--- Quote from: lttung on June 08, 2012, 08:49:06 AM ---My quiz can't play, pls help me to fix:


--- End quote ---
Could you provide an account? (doesn't need to be admin)


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