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Package SDK, anyone?

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More information can be found in the Package SDK: modification.xml and Package SDK: package-info.xml topics.

I understand that a lot of people would like to learn to write packages.  We're still working on documentation, but here's a bit that should at least help you get an idea for it.  Comments are very welcome - and if anyone wants to contribute more to it, please just click reply ;) .

The only notes I should make is that, one, this is for package *authors*, and two the included "test_modification.php" must be uploaded or run on your local webserver.


I think these are great tutorials :), I will have to take a better look at them tommorow afternoon geting late here :P

Hmm... thanks.

Yes, useful, but missing one things, it does not describe how to add files like pictures and such by using the xml file, I know how to do it by mod file, but what about xml?

I think you do it the same way as a mod file .tar.gz it with instructions for the package manager lol ;)


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