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Matthew K.:
Hide Post Authors From Guests

Written by: Labradoodle-360Current version: 1.5Updates: Mod Support TopicSuitable for: SMF 1.1.10, SMF 1.1.11,
SMF 2.0 RC1-1, SMF 2.0 RC1.2, SMF 2.0 RC2Supported languages:
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This mod alters the template (default theme only) so that if a guest attempts to view the board, no posters' names are displayed, but simply (Hidden).


Package Manager should work in most cases. If you need to make any edits, the full list can be obtained from the Parse function on the right..

Useful links
Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?


Questions should be address to the mod support topic.


See changelog for v1.5 updates.


1.5 - 1 January 2010
Version 1.5 of Hide Post Authors from Guests brings SMF 2.0 RC2 compatibility, also adding Spanish, British, as well as utf-8 for all compatible languages.
(RC2 includes Printpage.template.php)

1.3 - 3 December 2009
Updated mod for use with SMF 1.1.10 and 1.1.11, Print view is now added into 1.1. versions (will be added to 2.0 version shortly.)

1.2 - 31 July 2009
Fixed hiding the latest member name on the Info Center.

1.1 - 18 June 2009
Added support for Swedish translation - listed as (Medlem), meaning member, thanks to totaltutankoll.

1.0 - 17 June 2009
First release

Files modified by Hide Post Authors From Guests


Nice mod. Very useful for privacy.

congo dude !

so finally into modding huh?? :D

well this one is brilliant.... can't believe nobody ever thought of it before!
Uau! Realy nice!
For 1.1.9 no? :(


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