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"Nova" is theme for SMF® 2.0 and above. It's a premium professional-looking theme with clean graphics. It is characterized by vivid colors and large number of features. Available through theme club.

Some of interesting features are included:

* Mini banners 88x31
* 8 diferent styles
* Day and night mode
* Improved Random Banner Rotator, have ability to choose only one possition for one banner and Adsanse code ability.
* Social Networks Setup
* Custom footer menu (space for 15 footer links)
* Custom Extra Menu with ability for 5 tab buttons and 5 dropdown menu links for each of them.
* avatar on board index and message index
* Setup for your own copyrights

More about

It's a great theme and it looks very professional :)


--- Quote from: 医生唱片骑师 on February 12, 2012, 05:43:20 AM ---It's a great theme and it looks very professional :)

--- End quote ---

thank you  :)

to little update topic with theme upgrade.

nice theme

Sweet! ;)


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