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Μπράιαν Poύνικ Ντίκεν:
another interesting theme, dont like the buttons personally will make it hard for users to add more as they will have to find suitable inmages that willw ork with the existing buttons

Μπράιαν Poύνικ Ντίκεν:
it wont be possible, in theory its a good idea, but button themes like this dont go fast, other issue is that most cases modders and themers dont see eye to eye.  You also then get fact that if something did happen what works on one them wont work on other themes etc.  Ideally it be great but will never happen im afraid, also there are very few people who are modders and themers.

Μπράιαν Poύνικ Ντίκεν:
I have done similar before and it isnt hard to do.

Very nice Theme. ;D


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