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[SMF Trick] Creating a jQuery Sliding Login Panel

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Thanks for this looks great... I am having trouble making it work tho :( not 100% sure i am following your instruction correctly or if because i have modified my header a little in which it may be why it is not working for me as of yet...

Any chance i can attach my "index.template.php" file and has someone place the code above where it needs to be ?? i am getting a lot of "Template Parse Error!" issues when i try adding the code as you have described above.

A huge thanks in advance to anyone who can help get this working for me.

Regards, Darren


OK seems to be working... it's because i was logged in i could not see it :S so i guess it's only for non-logged in people / guests ??

Also it opens fine'ish lol but shuts by it's self almost straight away ?? anyone got any ideas ??

Thanks again would really love to see this working. Here is a screenshot: [nofollow]

 not sure if it's normal or ive screwed something up..

Cheers again for any help on this matter.

Can I have a link to your forum?

Thanks for your reply / help... my forum is currently password protected... i actually removed the jquery login panel for now but would really love to get it working tho... i am implementing a few other jquery scripts into the site right now but at the time of writing my above posts / having issues with the login panel i was not using any other jquery scripts so not sure why it was acting up... i got it working well kinda.. once clicking it to open it was refreshing the page which closes the panel...

Anyways if it's ok i will pm you my forum addy and password in the next day or two..

Again thanks for your help with this, if there is any way i can help you in return just yell out.

Regards, Darren

Very nice!

But (with me being lazy and all that), did you encounter a lot of headache when trying to incorporate when in a logged in state as well? Did anyone add this as the main login/logout functionality for the forum (webpage)


I gotta tell you, PE, I'm a bit lost...I'm actually using this very jQuery Slider on my site as a login for both my client's CP and as a way for them to log into my SMF community via SSI (Once logged in I'm calling the ssi_welcome and ssi_news functions in that panel). I've incorporated the slider into my WHMCS (billing package) control panel and was just today starting to dig into integrating it into my SMF when I ran across your post.

"Man..." I though, " somebody has already figured this out. That ought to save me some effort!"

The problem is...I'm not following your tutorial.

"...look for any Javascript code in the template_html_above() function, and add this code below" - OK...did that (I'm actually using a customized Curve theme)

"Next is to create the actual slider. Above,"

--- Code: --- echo !empty($settings['forum_width']) ? '
--- End code ---

 ??? huh...where does this line go? Above...what? I'm totally lost on this one.

I've completed the remainder of your tutorial (and thanks for the contribution :)), but obviously the "echo !empty($settings['forum_width']) ? '" needs to be in there....somewhere (especially seeing as it's not working  :P. )


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