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Ruddy Kitty:
My server had some strange error where it said my account had been suspended. My host transferred my information to a new server, except there is so much missing it's ridiculous. The newest posts are back from 2010 and hundreds of people that had signed up, threads, posts, and even my preferences and themes are all gone. It's like it is set back to an earlier state.

My host is saying all the info is the same and matches what was there before, but I can assure you it is not.

Please, someone help me before I break down and freak out.

Tony Reid:
It sounds like your host deleted your account when they suspended your site - and then restored from a backup.

Ruddy Kitty:
But my account was suspended for no reason. I've all been paid and everything, and they even said they had no idea why it said it was suspended.

All my info is still up in the files... can I reload it up? Like, reinstall the forum? However my ftp is being weird and I can't use it.

Tony Reid:
Let them know the mysql data is old, and ask them to retrieve a backup from the old server.

It does sound like they messed up to me though.

Ruddy Kitty:
Okay, I'll definitely let them know that's what is the old part. I know they definitely messed up lol.

But it seems like all my old files, themes and such are still on the host. Could I bring it back by reinstalling the forum with install.php? Or do I have to wait for them to transfer the mysql data?

EDIT: contacted them and they said the mysql database is up to date. I call bull. What else can I do at this point?


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