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Protendo is the continuation of former ViennaBBS, though my goals have shifted slightly. It is, and will remain, a fork of SMF 2.0 (no plans to merge with later SMF versions atm) which primarily will be design-orientated. My goal is to build upon the power of SMF, but expand upon its use a forum software by adding different boardtypes and more tools to use it as a blog, a gallery - or other possible uses. It will also integrate TinyPortal's core features, using directly its data - though not fully all of its features.

A few of the current features:

- boardtypes allow boards to be shown with different layouts. Currently "blog","gallery","text"(a blog alternative), "article" and "magazine".
- New BBC tags to aid in writing more interesting posts (header tags,youtube/vimeo, different quote tags, table tag with different color schemes etc.)
- Enhancements in image attachments(for example: cropping to allow image thumbnails to be of same size)
- Several enhancements in the theme system, including easier CSS, responsive layout and more subtemplates.
- More use of sprites, as in smilies, message icons and BBC buttons.
- Built-in frontpage.

As it progressing along it will be updated on github, but you can see it live on (note that it has admin approval if you wish to register - be sure to add a small reason for joining since it is a part of the spam prevention)

Development site:

NOTE: Protendo will not be suitable for everyone I would imagine, and for that reason its compatible with SMF in the sense that you can re-use SMF again after trying it.

Interesting stuff. Will take a look. :)

Joshua Dickerson:
I like the fonts you're using. I like your breadcrumbs (remind me of the ones in TBG that I posted about).

Try the breadcrumbs inside a topic at 200% font size. :P

They look..fine? At least on Chrome it seems.


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