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Rewriting the Customization Site

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Oh, I agree that everyone needs to balance it out - part of my problem was that I couldn't get the cust repo to work locally, gave it about a day, gave up, asked (and waited) for anyone to help me get it set up, which never happened, and went back to mod approvals until I burned myself out on that score.

I agree everyone who can should help out as best they are able - circumstances depending. The fact that this week Runic and JBlaze have been helping out suggests the team can't keep up with current duties without worrying about any expansion. Expansion is good, but I get the distinct impression that Dime is the main person doing both site dev and mod approval, and trying to balance that out.

* Arantor isn't pointing fingers, just trying to call it how he sees it.

As a side note, yes, my last post was amazingly hypocritical. I think the last time I really did a mod approval without grumbling about it for hours was about 2 months before I became the team leader.


You didn't grumble about reviewing one mod of mine in November. :P

Probably because I didn't approve any mods in November!

Unless I was amazingly bored and forgot how agonizing mod approval is...

You reviewed it and asked me to change a few things stylistically - it was the ssi_multiBoardNews mod.


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