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Rewriting the Customization Site

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I committed all of my work to SVN in hopes that the next lead would pick up where I left off.  I do still have write access to SVN and will help out if needed as well.

we  asked same question in The Asylum (seriously thats what the friends board is called) and IchBin the new lead says it is being worked on by Himself and B

ok,   I'll keep an eye on this for future updates.

Marcus Forsberg:
I'm gonna be a total badass here and bump a 1+ year old topic. Whatcha gonna do about it? ;)

Is this still being worked on? It's been like what, two years now and still no progress seen what so ever? The current customisation site is ridiculous to say the least. Not that it matters since I don't really use it any more but I'm just curious as to what's happened to this project. Another failure, is it?

We aren't gonna use SD code, we are gonna use smcore as the platform instead. We have a board for it, perhaps you can see it, not so sure who can see it though.

Yes, the new Customization site surely is my top goal.

I wouldn't say failure, yes it's been years but in all those years both  the Dev and Cus team were always short on staff.


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