Author Topic: Would anyone like to take over my mods? (Friendly Time, Spam-me-not, IRC Tag)  (Read 2088 times)

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I'm sorry for not posting this much sooner, but over the years since I first made these mods, I've received requests to update them to the latest versions, and even, last year, one PM here requesting my permission to take over and update the Friendly Time mod.

Well, I decided that as I'm not currently using SMF or these mods, I'm unable to update them with the attention they deserve.

So I'd like to donate my code to the public domain, for people to use as they see fit, including updating them to the newer versions as appropriate.

My mods are as follows, for SMF 1.0.2:

Friendly Time: (1641 downloads)
Displays the current time in plain English. (Almost half past eight in the evening of March 5th, 2005)
Calculates fuzzy relative time for posts/PMs. (An hour ago or Saturday, last week)

Spam-me-not: (33229 downloads)
Install this mod to protect any email addresses on your forum from spammers, by transparently encoding email addresses using a slightly modified version of Spam-me-not.

(Sadly, this Spam-me-not technique is no longer effective. I would recommend instead Recaptcha protection.)

IRC Tag: (1999 downloads)
Install this mod to be able to link to IRC channels & servers with an IRC BBCode tag. Also replaces server aliases with the proper server name, using the servers/aliases listed in mIRC's servers.ini file.
My SMF Mods:

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I am unsure what you mean by releasing the code into public domain. You mean people can just take the code and build off it? Or you would PM the SMF Customization Team requesting transfer?
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