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Classic YaBB SE

Started by SMF Customization Team, November 08, 2009, 08:29:12 PM

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SMF Customization Team

Link to the theme

The Classic YaBB SE Theme. A great clone of the YaBB SE theme created by [Unknown] for SMF RC2.

Initially released with SMF 1.0 Beta, this theme brings the classic YaBB SE feel to your forum with whites and blues.


Please remember this theme is only for 2.0 RC2


Epic fail guys. :'( Who's responsible for this release? It's incomplete. Did anybody even look at it before releasing? I suspect nobody cares as is evidenced by the theme relying on 'compat.css' and it's comments, but I've been pointed here to report the issues. There are way too many to give images or list them all, but I will list the biggest offenders. It's really easy to see all that I am talking about. Just load up RC1 with classic theme and compare with RC2 classic theme.

It was asked I give browser and OS:
Windows XP

This is just what I notice as the worst. I can't believe somebody would release this as finished. Let me know if you have any questions. I will gladly look at an improved version.

- Blank line below linktree on message and posting pages. This line was not present in the RC1 version and it's not present on the RC2 main index and message index pages. It's causes because of the template restructuring and how linktree was moved into template_body_above().

Search Results Page
- no borders on any data cells. Was correct in RC1 version.

Profile Page
- Avatar and associated icons text are all wrong. They should be on the left hand side like they are in Curve. Was correct in RC1 version.

Post/Edit Pages:
Too numerous to mention all, but basically everything is slammed to the left. Should look like it does in Curve layout wise. Was correct in RC1 version.

Personal Message Inbox
- There are no borders around any data cells.
- The quote, reply and delete buttons don't appear
- They are stacked vertically anyway on top of the check box.
- There's no border or delineation between the message header and the body.
- The icons underneath the avatars are wrongly stacked vertically.
I'd guess lack of CSS applicable to this page, but I didn't investigate with detail. All these issues didn't exist in the RC1 version.

Moderation Center:
- No broders on any data cells for warning log listing.
- No borders on any data cells for warning details page 'Moderator's Comments' or 'Actions taken by other moderators' tables.
- Same with 'Watched Members - Member ' table.
- Same with  'Membergroup Requests' table.
- Most all tables have no borders.

Administration Center:
-No border on any data cells for Memberlist table.
-No border on any data cells for Membergroups list table.
-No border on any data cells for Permissions table.
-I don't think any table has any borders of any kind come to look at it.

One of the largest offenders are tables. I'd guess many of those common issues may be caused by the same problem.


Actually I am, the reason it is tables is cause this is how classic was originally coded, this theme and babylon went through alot of tests before it was released, why should we re-invent the wheel when its done, the reason why this theme was removed from the package was as they are being phased out as they are badly coded, there is also alot of inline styles ... so maybe check before you critisice ... oh and bohoo


I know why it uses tables and inline styles. I've been around since before YaBB SE. It's part of the job of creating a theme for RC2 to correct those issues or at least emulate them by other means. I'm not saying re-write the entire thing, (but that is an options), but surely you can make it look better than it is. Surely you can at least get the personal message buttons to show up and center a few buttons regardless of some legacy tables and inline styles. I know you can because I've done so for myself.

What I don't know is why you released a broken, incomplete classic theme for RC2. If you're not going to bother to finish it, why release it at all and pretend it works with RC2 when it doesn't?

Clearly I was right. Nobody cares about it anymore, it won't be fixed, and it's deprecated. Just say so. That's fine, just don't release this theme at all pretending you're going to make one that works with RC2. You just cause problems like this poor guy.

Don't you see the problem here? You're telling everybody the theme is old, it's being phased out. Then you go and release a new version of the classic theme and say it works with RC2 when it really doesn't. :o

I'm sorry for being harsh, but this mentality just doesn't make any sense. It also doesn't make sense that this phasing out was started AFTER a release candidate was already released, but that's another story all together. I just don't get how business is being done here. This theme in it's present form is likely not useful to anyone.


notice the gray badge it means I cant do it anymore, and guess what i cant see it happening, the team dont give a ****** about it, we only got permission to release it as well it would shut us up ... ill be shocked if it even gets updated to work with any future release.


Hey, look. We use Classic too, and the move to 2.0 has proven to be....challenging, but I don't see any reason to take this personally. The folks here are GIVING us this stuff. I haven't paid for this. MANY MANY hours have been put into this great system, so why can't we simply ask questions without being rude?

I realize that classic is being put to the wayside, so I suppose my only recourse is to fix it myself or move on with the rest of the community.

Thanks for the efforts you put into this, Runic. I for one appreciate it.


February 12, 2010, 10:40:31 AM #7 Last Edit: February 12, 2010, 10:49:41 AM by ncrawler99
A follow-up for anyone still trying to use this theme.

There's no way to use the warning system via individual post in this template.

Since my last post, I tried to fix all issues with this theme on my own forum. I fixed most major ones, but the sheer amount of CSS issues present that cause problems on nearly every page are probably beyond help. It's obviously not going to scale any better for any future changes in SMF.

I'd advise sticking the final nail in the coffin on this one and remove it. It's basically not able to be fixed without starting over recreating the look from the SMF 2.0 default as base. There are far too many problematic changes. I expect SMF Final will further the issue.

For those of of you still trying to use this, do yourselves a favor and bite the bullet. Use a new compatible theme or if you're the adventurous type, try and recreate a similar look from scratch using the new default as a base. This one here is on life support at best and you'll have to dump it sooner or later as SMF progresses. At least it had a good run.  ;)


What do you mean by "There's no way to use the warning system via individual post in this template."  Can you elaborate?  What is normally supposed to happen?  Where do  I  click to see if  I can replicate the same issue?


The warning icon and link at the bottom right of each post to warn per individual post is not present at all in this theme. If you know what you're doing, you can copy a few lines of code from the default theme to add it in easily enough though.

That works for filling in {MESSAGEID} variable in the warning templates.


that would be because this theme does not include all of the smf 2 features...

Sgt P

This one (1.1) came pre-loaded with SMF 1.1.11

What would be wrong with using it?  It's the theme I prefer...


this theme is for 2.0 as its no longer distributed in the 2.0 install package

Sgt P

Thanks, so your saying, I shouldn't use it ...

Any suggestions of something similar for 1.1.11  (and yes, I have been looking!)

Thanks again!


how about Classic YABB SE as it is included in 1.1.11 :)

Sgt P

Ok, now I'm confused...

My 1.1.11 came with "Classic YaBB SE Theme", but your saying it is only compatible with 2.0.

Then you suggest YABB (that comes with 1.1.11), but I can't seem to find that one.

I've been using the one that came with 1.1.11, and have only had problems with mod's not working.  Is there something else I should be afraid of?

Or maybe I'm in the wrong place   :-\


Classic YABB SE comes with every 1.1.X forum as default, for smf 2.0 this theme is removed, so people can continue using it myself and a few others when we were on the team packaged it up and released it for people who want to use it on there 2.0 forum.  This is the theme listing topic created to provide support on the Classic Yabb SE 2.0 theme.

If you are using the 1.1.x version of this theme and require assistance please post either in Graphics and Templates or in SMF Support 1.1.X


Sgt P

Thanks Runic!

I appreciate the quick responses.  I'm new at this, and alot goes right over my head.  And couple that with not wanting to screw up my site, I become very careful.



There's a well and fully working Yabb SE theme (actually two) available on http://themes.e-debatten.dk
They are based on Curve and will work with most mods.

The Yabb SE 2 was offered to the team, but we couldn't agree on the handover.

Unfortunately, this official theme is still full of bugs :-/


Thanks for the update of my most favo theme.