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Started by BasL, October 09, 2015, 06:35:12 AM

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Hi there!

I have a dutch forum and now i had a problem. I uploaded a new theme, so far, so good. But, the forum language is dutch. Now i see not the new message icon! I see it only if the language is English. What can i do?

See here a screenshot:

The second question: My forum don't send mails to users for a new password.. What can i do?


For the first problem, that image /Themes/yourtheme/images/english/new.gif, but when you change the language of your forum it search for the image in /Themes/yourtheme/images/yourlanguage/new.gif, so probably you need to create that folder in the images folder and copy the image or make your own image of "New".

For the mails, never send mails or just recently? because if recently you should ask your host about the mail service as some host block it if they think that your forum is spamming, and by telling them that is not spam they unblock it.


For the mails: never send mails! I have add a screenshot!

And the first problem is solved! Thanks!


Well, if never send mails, you should ask your host if your account have php sendmail activated.

Also read the Wiki page about not getting mails sent.