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No redirect after login or logout

Started by tejli007, October 07, 2012, 09:57:08 AM

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Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

Sorry. I was inquiring not questioning you in any way. It could be as you have pointed but that is something I am honestly not sure about.

You did mentioned that you move it from another host and url. May be some of them are not properly fixed / corrected. This could be the main problem. But still I couldn't know it for sure. You may want to wait for some other advices to come and help you fix this since my suggestion / approach is not solving your issues.


Try changing your server ACP settings to "disable hostname lookups"


Thanks for the reply sir. How can i do that? :) am new in linux.
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Admin > Configuration > Server Settings >

Then tick the box marked "Disable hostname lookups"

Not promising anything, but it has cured similar faults reported here recently :)


lol works! Am using explorer 6 here ill try again from mozila and explorer 9.

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When you ask the best, you can forget the rest  8)