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How to prohibit new members from sending PMs before posting?

Started by KFDER, August 19, 2010, 05:50:37 PM

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As part of my administrative efforts to stop spammers, I'd like to restrict new members from sending more than 1 PM before they've posted on our forum.  There is a post-based membergroup for newbies who have 0 posts, and I'd set the "Max personal messages" to 1, but it turns out that regulates INCOMING PMs and not outgoing.

Is there a way to prohibit members in the 0-postcount group from sending PMs before posting?  (Or to set some absurdly long timer between PMs, or set a maximum of 1 per day.... anything would help!)  I've searched here and elsewhere online and have drawn a blank.  We are at SMF 1.1.11



Thank you for the suggestion, but I searched through all mods with the searchbait "pm" or "message" and couldn't find anything relevant. 


Create a group at a certain post count that has the ability to PM then when regular members reach that post count get them promoted to the new group. You can do this all via Admin under groups and permissions.


Thank you, I see the distinction and will give it a go.