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[SMF 2.0rc2] Registration Bug: "Reason for Joining" dissappears for OpenID

Started by nfries88, February 21, 2010, 01:18:31 PM

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When someone tries to register with OpenID verification, the field for "Reason for joining" disappears along with the password entries.

I couldn't find any button or link for submitting a new bug report to Mantis; sorry for posting this here in support.


Regular users can't submit bugs to Mantis. This is done so we can verify that it's a bug first and ensure that the problem is described well. The password fields are supposed to disappear for OpenID, but custom fields aren't. I will look into this more when I get home from work in about an hour or so.
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Reason for joining is a mod, I think so I think you should ask the mod's author...
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Ah, didn't even remember that -- sorry.

I just checked the install file, this is definitely an issue with the mod itself. Sorry for bothering you with it.