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Broken link (FORUM PROFILE)

Started by snadge, October 16, 2011, 03:48:50 PM

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yeah I thought so, thing is Iam going to upgrade my account (which removes the word block) as its slow on free account, this is only on their 'FREE' hosting

do you know of any good 'FREE' hosts that are 100% advert free and dont slow down much if at all? (and have no word blocking lol)

thanks again


no free host is going to give you good performance and everything you want, remember you get what you pay for.

take a look at http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=117303.0 too


******... If they block something as innocuous as "MSN", you could run into some serious hassles.

"Free" is always gonna have ads.

Oddly enough, the reviews of their free service are quite good. Yet, their paid service gets some serious slating.


my thoughts exactly about the 'MSN' thing

and I was concerned that if i PAID for services that the 'speed' would be just the same, however they have been brilliant so far with 1-2-1 help and theyre GUI is easy to use

the only thing is the speed and word blocking on the free service - the speed is normal 50% of time and sluggish the other 50% on the free service, however theyre site states that free and the cheaper paid packages are all on shared hosting and only the more expensive packages are on semi-shared, this started to make me think I would pay and then the speed would be the same.

it is 100% advert free on the free service, this is how I found them (using 'free hosting' review websites)


that sounds like a traditional overseller, they start you off on the lowest package, you start to see performance issues, they say you are using up too many resources and need a higher end server or vps/dedicated server when you dont you just need a decent shared host that does not oversell.


I was under the impression that http://www.awardspace.com/ were a decent hosting company?

mind I did think the whole thing was too good to be true.. for free (250Mb web space, 5Gb traffic, 100% advert free and live chat support) but its worked so far..(even though it has its niggly issues like speed and word blocking but that can be expected for free)

who do you recommend?


for paid hosting anyone in the hosting board here is fine, for free hosting i would not recommend anyone


thanks , I will look in the hosting board :)