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Register new user problem

Started by cyberb0b, June 15, 2005, 03:54:45 PM

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O have searched for the solution but i cant find it.

My whole site is operational. That means mambo 4.5.2 + smf + coppermine is working.

Users can register and the forum works..

But there are errors on screen when a user goes true com_smf_registration to register him self.

Above the disclaimer there is a error Notice: Undefined variable: context /var...../components/com_smf_registration/smf_registration.php on line 130

And directly below the registration form there are 2 errors

Notice: Undefined variable: db_name  /var...../components/com_smf_registration/smf_registration.html.php on line 186


Notice: Undefined variable: db_prefix
/var...../components/com_smf_registration/smf_registration.html.php on line 186

Anyone know the solution?


Found the problem after a day searching..

I thougt you where my last hope , and it was so simple..

after checking a difrent skin, i notist that it workd with the english language..

try the language file...

and change the register link


Can you be a little more specific how you did it?