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Light Portal

Started by Bugo, March 25, 2020, 07:36:36 AM

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Link to the mod

Simple and moderately versatile portal for creating the main page of the forum, as well as additional pages and blocks.

Demo site

  • PHP 7.4+ with intl extension enabled
  • SMF 2.1 Final
  • Internet (the portal uses some external styles and scripts from the jsDelivr CDN)
  • Modern browser with JavaScript enabled


Available localizations:

Use Crowdin if you want to help with translation.
  • Blocks and pages with multilingual titles.
  • Support for the FontAwesome icons and any other similar packs.
  • Using the Flexbox to output blocks.
  • Available panels: header, left and right sidebars, center (top and bottom), footer.
  • Frontpage article system: portal pages, forum topics, or boards.
  • Tree comments for pages.
  • Open Graph markup for pages and comments.
  • Manage blocks in Admin: drag-n-drop of blocks, including updating of the priority.
  • Built-in ad manager (AdsBlock addon).
  • Import and export for pages and blocks.
  • Support for addons (+ Plugin Maker).
  • Support for standalone mode.

Use the mother tongue for your questions, if you do not speak English very well. It will be easier for everybody. I will use some translation service to answer you.

If you like Light Portal, give it a star on GitHub! ⭐️


Nice to see another portal mod, especially for 2.1 :D

Polish lang in attachment.

[Edit (m4z)]: Removed attachment as requested by the user.
Polskie wsparcie SMF na

the simplest solution is most likely the right one


-Rock Lee-

I'm just testing everything related to 2.1 a very good, then I'll leave the translation to Latin Spanish ;).

¡Regresando como cual Fenix! ~ Bomber Code
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Довольно то интересный портал!!! "Пасхальный яйца" все таки вставил :), интересно, как это перевели на другой язык - "Загружено за 0.062 сек. Скушано памяти: 0 МБ."

Посмотрел папку плагинов - не нашел поддержку SimpleSEF, хотя PrettyUrls есть :(


How to use addons included in package? On page where we can add block I only see HTML/BBC/PHP options

I did not noticed that package from sm mod page does not include addons that can be found on Github page :)
After uploading addons from github it works :)
Polskie wsparcie SMF na

the simplest solution is most likely the right one


Yes, by default the Light Portal contains only HTML/BBC/PHP blocks. I will add all other blocks into the package after the RC3 version is released.


Решил установить мод на подфоруме на чистой оси, но он так ласково попросил обновить PHP7.0 на 7.2.
Сказано-сделано, вот отсюда обновил свой VDS c вестой -

Мод установился, при включении Последних сообщений появилась ошибка

Тип ошибки: Неопределенные
8: Undefined offset: 0;start=2
/home/admin/web/ (Строка 187)

Еще ошибка - при добавлении статей для второй страницы появляются две колонки блоков.
Можно посмотреть здесь -


Мод работает прекрасно.
Если у кого уже установлен портал и кто пользуется статьями, то может протестировать новый портал в живую.
Вот, например, конвертер статей из Tinyportal на Light Portal.
Здесь вы можете поглядеть как работает Light Portal.


Intriguing, I like it.

-Rock Lee-

I cannot edit my previous message so I leave the translation to Latin Spanish here ::).

¡Regresando como cual Fenix! ~ Bomber Code
Ayudas - Aportes - Tutoriales - Y mucho mas!!!


I just found this portal out... damn this is wonderful!


Very intriguing, indeed. Nice work!
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


v1.0 rc5

* Fixed found issues
* Added the Spanish translation (thanks to Rock Lee)
* Various cosmetic changes of template files
* Added custom template for the front page (as an example)
* Added LESS file to improve work with CSS
* Some improvements in source files
* Added FaBoardIcons addon
* Improved standalone mode
* Improved permission system


So what are the yesterdays updates? It's still the same version 1.0rc5.  ???


Small fixes on the mod's page, nothing more. The portal's update will be in a few days.


Ok... I'll wait for a bigger update. Thanks.  ;)


mobile compatibility. Why there is no Turkish language option