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Started by SulevFan, May 04, 2021, 09:35:13 AM

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I'm really not sure where to go with this, I expect a mod may move this to the appropriate board.

We have installed the Nightbreeze theme designed by Syco. Today one of our members reported that the attribution link for that now leads to a website that sells item of a sexual nature.  The Alt text still says "Portfolio".

This is the site being linked (not giving a direct link)  httx //sycho.22web.org/

I'm really reluctant to embark on the whole new thing to install and fix issues around a new dark theme. Is it appropriate to simply remove the footer link?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

I sent a message to SychO alerting him of this topic.

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I also posted on the specific thread for the theme. For now we have disabled the footer,  but there are 100's of links to the website in the source.

We're looking right now to replace the theme (which seems to be the #4 most popular theme) with an alternate.


that's strange....when did you download the theme?
Mine doesn't have that, mine goes to his github profile: https: // sycho9 . github . io/

in the nightbreeze theme folder under languages in the file ThemeStrings.english.php
can you tell me what is on this line

it should be
$txt['nightbreeze_cpr'] = '<br /><strong>Designed with   <i class="fas fa-heart" style="color:red"></i>   by </strong><a href="https://sycho9.github.io/" target="_blank" class="tooltip" title="Portfolio">SychO</a>';

I just download the theme again now and checked it's the same as what I have in the download

does anyone else have access to your hosting account or ftp? could someone have changed that?
Or is it an old download perhaps and sycho may have lost that domain long ago?
try updating the theme to the current download


Some of the links on this page still point to that URL


The release notes for the newer version does not mention that he URL has been changed.

I see in the source that they now point to GitHub and we'll download the newer theme


yup, the link was changed very very long ago, you must be using an old package, you can change the link by editing the language file as pointed out above.
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