Author Topic: Change inline attachment indices for all posts (Post and PM Inline Attachments)  (Read 1182 times)

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Since I upgraded from SMF 1.x to 2.0.12, I had to use a new modification to manage inline attachments. I decided that Post and PM Inline Attachments might be a good choice.

In the old version of our forum, inline attachments could be accessed with BBCodes like [attachment=1], [attachment=2], ...
Now, the correct syntax is [attachment=0], [attachment=1], the difference being an index shift. Therefore, all attachments are shown in the wrong place.

Now, the option "Should first attachment should be numbered "1"?" looks like just what I need, but it's not: If I change the setting from "begin with 0" to "begin with 1", all my messages are edited such that all indices are raised by 1, which I don't want in this case.

Is there any way to have all old attachments display correctly without having to manually go through all posts with inline attachments?

Thanks in advance!
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You should ask for support in the Mod's support topic...

Regards :)

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Sorry for not doing this in the first place, and thank you for sending me in the right direction.