XFire Field 1.1 RC2

Started by Lord Gnu, August 08, 2006, 08:16:22 PM

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Lord Gnu

Link to Mod

This adds the and XFire field to your users' profiles and an image when viewed in the board with a link to their XFire profile.

View a live demo of the mod at hxxp:bauerbox.com [nonactive]!


dg bauer i got problems with this mod. when i'm uploading that mod and install this message are showing up !
1. Execute Modification modification.xml                     Modification parse error
2. Execute Modification -                                                                             Modification parse error
3. Extract Tree ./Themes/default/images

is there allready a new version or something
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Will it work on smf v1.1.3 ... ???
Thanks in advance ;)

Edit: I just installed smf 1.1.3 and then I also this mod also ....
It's working absolutely perfect ....

Thanks allot :)


This modification was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

edit : hmm it seems not to be showing up in topic view.