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Started by riker, September 09, 2008, 08:51:19 AM

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Hi all!
Saddened for my poor English:
Only to signal that I also have this small problem with some themes (see joined image): [nonactive]
- A space mattering between the subject and the contents of the post and
- A problem of adaptation of the menus

Modifications offered in this post were unsuccessfully.
I wait therefore with impatient for the evolution of this:



Theme: overviewlight_20b4 without modif.
SMF 2.0b4 without TP
Problems with Ie6 (FF ok)


Unfortunately I've got no where here with regards to the theme problems sebmaster.  The best I've had was to use the beta 3 theme but then you can't use mods so we've been left waiting for the RC :(


I have the same probleme under 2.04 beta


I'm not sure what you mean, in regards to this bugs as stated is present in SMF 2.0 BETA 4.
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