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Started by N a t i, May 09, 2009, 01:00:48 PM

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N a t i

Link to the theme

Kwick.Js  menu  used
This the new tema
This is very nice !


Kwick.Js menü kullanılarak yapılan bir temadır ..

Türkçe menü için "" dosyasındaki "menuler" klasörünü /images'in içine atın .

İyi günlerde kullanın .


Nice theme, but suffers the same problem as Nly-grey, with the Topics and Posts counts being reversed, or more correctly, the text headings are in reverse on the Home Page. I believe that I found the problem by changing 2 lines in Boardindex.template.php.

In Boardindex.template.php lines 155 & 156 I reversed topics and posts to read posts and topics as follows:

                  <td class="windowbg" align="center">', $board['posts'], '</td>
                  <td class="windowbg" align="center">', $board['topics'],'</td>';

Thanks for a nice job, Nati.