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Stupid bouncy BBC

Started by Antechinus, March 03, 2013, 07:30:33 PM

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Oh yeah... we have that.   :o

My forum has embedding so I just post and go... I forgot we actually have a way to embed (without auto embedding).

Was going to edit... too late!  Doh!


Quote from: FrizzleFried on May 25, 2022, 10:58:21 AMWas going to edit... too late! 
Did it for you.  ;D

I had that embed function too so it took me a little while to get used to having the YouTube button.  ;D
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Lol. This is the way the mod should be used. :D


Can the move and timing commands be used together ... i.e. can I change the time it takes for the image/text to scroll horizontally from either or both directions?
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Yes, of course. It tells you that right at the start of the readme. :P

QuoteThere are six optional parameters available:
bounce,  height,  hover,  padding,  time and  toggle.
You can use none of these, or any combination of them.
Place them in any order in the leading tag. All of these are fine:

[bouncy time=2][/bouncy]
[bouncy time=2 padding=32][/bouncy]
[bouncy padding=32 time=2][/bouncy]


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I should make a new license based on the ISC license, with an appropriate clause added, and call it the RTFM license. :D


You b******!

I deserved that.  ;D
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I was thinking about this the other day, in relation to a11y concerns. I did add the automatic disabling of animations for anyone who had previously set a call for prefers-reduced-motion in their OS settings.

But, it may also be worth changing the toggle coding to make it a permanent (device-dependent) setting. That way if anyone usually liked the giggles but was having a migraine (or whatever) they could click a toggle to set a local storage item, which can then be called on any page to keep animations stopped until they want to free them again.

This is a simple change, which won't affect anything else, so I should probably do it more or less soonish. If anyone has thought of any issues or requests for further tweaks, feel free to suggest them. :)