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Share DB Tables

Started by Anguz, October 29, 2004, 09:28:01 PM

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This modification adds to Settings.php, an array with the forum's tables and modifies every query in the Sources dir to use it.
PRO: This simplifies down to a single line, changing the prefix for a table in order to share it with another forum in the db.
CON: Other mods depending on a query to find where to make a change, will most probably not work, since every query is different.

I know this mod is not required by most and those that do, will work less updating the other mods they want to install than they would changing all the queries to share tables, not to mention that even then, many mods will not install fine.

This is a major modification, so a lot of testing is needed to make sure it works right, that's why I didn't even version it 1.00. If you don't actually need this, but have a test forum or could setup one and could help me test, it'd be great.

Please let me know of any problems or lack of them. I hope someone finds this useful.
Cristián Lávaque


Loved this mod, however when i fresh install the smf 1.0 preview, this mod doesnt install on it, unless i am doing something wrong  :-\


My mods haven't been updated for the new version yet, I'm waiting for the public release. Soon. :)
Cristián Lávaque


Is there a way for me to modify the settings.php so that each forum shares everything except the boards? (unshare everything that requires the boards to be seperate)


Cristián Lávaque



  • I had to remove the download for now. I'll put it back up after improving it.

If you have this mod installed, please contact me via PM.
Cristián Lávaque


i will re-liven this topic,
anyone to make this usable on 1.1 beta 3?
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Hi, are there any updates on this mod?

Jade Elizabeth

i know its old...but this should be updated :)
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Sorry for bump, but someone should really update this....




Bump. Please someone update this for 2.0 RC2!!!
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Another Rob

Any 2.0 update? We're running RC3


Mmm.... Any 2.0 update? We're running SMF 2.0.10

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Jade Elizabeth

You can do it by hand but it's a lot of work. Not sure how likely it is that this will be updated.
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