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for the shoutbox to work

in the index.template.php of the theme
<div id="mainbody">';
<div id="mainbody">

<div>', smfshout(), '</div>';

Then add the following to the Modifications.english.php in the language dir of LIGHTNING-DK
//text for Ultimate Shoutbox
$txt['shoutbox_0'] = 'Shoutbox';
$txt['shoutbox_1'] = 'Shoutbox Archive';
$txt['shoutbox_2'] = 'Delete shouts older than:';
$txt['shoutbox_3'] = 'days';
$txt['shoutbox_4'] = 'Delete all shouts over your current limit of';
$txt['shoutbox_5'] = 'Delete';
$txt['shoutbox_6'] = 'Name';
$txt['shoutbox_7'] = 'Email';
$txt['shoutbox_8'] = 'Message';
$txt['shoutbox_9'] = 'Shout';
$txt['shoutbox_10'] = 'Sorry, if you are a guest you must enter both your name and your email address';
$txt['shoutbox_11'] = 'Whoops, looks like you forgot to fill in one of the Shoutbox fields.  Please try again.';
$txt['shoutbox_12'] = 'Sorry, if you are a guest you must enter a valid email address when using the Shoutbox.';
$txt['shoutbox_13'] = 'Sorry, but you do not have the proper priveledges to delete that.';
$txt['shoutdir'] = 'Shout Direction';
$txt['shoutbox_19'] = 'Ascending';
$txt['shoutbox_20'] = 'Descending';
$txt['shoutsep'] = 'Shout Separator';
$txt['enablearchiveshout'] = 'Allow people to shout from the archive page?';
$txt['shoutlimit'] = 'Number of shouts to return';
$txt['shoutmaxchr'] = 'Max number of characters per line';
$txt['shoutsplitchr'] = 'Character number to split long words at (usually 3 less than max)';
$txt['enablescrollshout'] = 'Enable scrolling';
$txt['shoutbox_27'] = 'The following options are only available is scrolling is activated:';
$txt['shoutscrollwidth'] = 'Scroll box width (pixels)';
$txt['shoutscrollheight'] = 'Scroll box height (pixels)';
$txt['shoutscrollspeed'] = 'Scrolling speed';
$txt['shout_noGuestEmail'] = 'Don\'t require email address for guests';
$txt['shout_enableXML'] = 'Enable javascript XML refreshing of the shoutbox. (This will increase server load)';
$helptxt['shout_enableXML'] = 'Turning on this option will make the shoutbox refresh automatically every five seconds - but will increase the server load considerably.';
$txt['shoutbox_31'] = 'slowest';
$txt['shoutbox_32'] = 'slower';
$txt['shoutbox_33'] = 'medium';
$txt['shoutbox_34'] = 'faster';
$txt['shoutbox_35'] = 'fastest';
$txt['shoutscrolldir'] = 'Scrolling direction';
$txt['shoutbox_37'] = 'up';
$txt['shoutbox_38'] = 'down';
$txt['shoutbox_39'] = 'left';
$txt['shoutbox_40'] = 'right';
$txt['shoutscrolldelay'] = 'Scroll Delay (milliseconds - normal is 60)';
$txt['shoutbox_42'] = 'Delete Options';
$txt['shoutbox_43'] = 'View All';
$txt['permissiongroup_shout'] = 'Shoutbox';
$txt['permissionname_make_shout'] = 'Can Shout';
$txt['permissionname_delete_shout'] = 'Can Delete Shouts';
$txt['shout_delete_selected'] = 'Delete Selected';
$txt['cannot_delete_shout'] = 'You do not have permission to delete shouts.';
$txt['cannot_make_shout'] = 'You do not have permission to shout.';


hi panic

wonderful theme, ill be using it in an upcoming site

I just wanted to ask you:

In the header area where it says the forum name and then underneath displays the news. I would like to place an image (split into 2) so that the 1st part of the image fits where the forum name is and the 2nd part fits where the news appears.

Could you shed some light into how I can achieve this.


never mind i got it :D

great theme


Great looking theme.  I want to add it to my site, but I keep getting this error message when I try to read any thread:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: create_button() in /home/humbert/public_html/newmetropolis/Sources/Load.php(1040) : eval()'d code on line 238


I Still have this Error Message but at the index.template.php is the code changed from what you posted before?
Can you Help me?
Quote!!Attention of lightning-dk theme:

You should put "Modifications.german-utf8.php" on the "languages" directory ( http://removedxxxx/forum/Themes/lightning-01/languages/ ) in the theme of lightning-dk.

Copy "Modifications.english.php" of the "languages" directory of lightning-dk onto the first. Next, rename it according to the language for which you use the file.



Not sure what your problem is... did you do what the "theme" tells you to do?


Quote from: panic on May 09, 2007, 11:04:01 AM
Not sure what your problem is... did you do what the "theme" tells you to do?

I've updated and this is working well.  Thanks.


I have downloaded this theme however it doesn show like the screenshot.. its seems to be out of wack.. Also I would like to discuss adding more buttons.. if the ones that are shown were resized could more be added???


Quoteits seems to be out of wack
??? :)
Quoteif the ones that are shown were resized could more be added
have a look at the readme.txt. well, resized the buttons could conflict with long button texts. Maybe the boxes left and right of the menu need to be resized.


Good Morning Panic!! 

I apologize for not explaining in detail.  The theme does not display as shown on in the thumbnail for me.  I thought that it might just be this particular site, because I always seem to have trouble with the themes on it so I downloaded it to my other location and ran into the same problem.  I installed the usual way through the Admin table.  It's odd because when I click a button I can tell the buttons seem to want to go to the correct space.  However, after the page fully loads they appear under the Site name. 

As for buttons, I need to add a gallery, arcade and player button for mp3 streaming.


Very Nice theme and layout :)


CHANGELOG for 1.1.4v1:

- fixed a bug in the index.template.php producing errors if user has no avatar asigned


Hello there...

First of all this is kind of my second message at the forum.

Got to link a bit to found this and now here I am to say thnx to panic for an excelent theme.

We just love it at our Pearl Jam community and I would like to ask the usual question.

Is it hard to configure for Tiny Portal?

We would love to get the site as it was a long time ago (when I was not in charge of administration) as a portal with news and articles and all that kind of stuff that features TP.

I've managed to understand a lil bit about installation, php and mods since I got into the admin of my community, but I'm kind of afraid to screw everything when trying Tiny Portal.

BTW... My forum is in spanish

Pay us a visit clicking on my sig banner.

Tnx again, panic! ;) [nonactive] [nonactive]


Hi LoGraYThS!

I have no experience with TP! All the TP-Theme conversion is done by crip at


good day to you panic, just want to know if you could help me out step by step how to add another navigation button on top  to your lightning-dk theme? (e.g. home,admin,profile etc..) since there are still two spaces left, i'd already look into your readme.txt but i'm a noob to coding


Quote from: panic on February 12, 2008, 04:27:46 AM
Hi LoGraYThS!

I have no experience with TP! All the TP-Theme conversion is done by crip at [nonactive].

Tnx pretty much panic.

I've figuring out already how to make TP work at my site.

Hope ppl likes it!

GL! ;) [nonactive] [nonactive]


LoGraYThS ok  ;)

The the available button spaces depend on how many  smf features you've turned on (calendar, memberslist,...) and if you're logged in or not (admin, profile).

Please explain in detail what you want and I will post the code for it ;)


i've enabled all those smf features (e.g. calendar,memberslist etc..), there is still one or two spaces for a different navigation button in the themes header, since those two are black spaces, i've wondered how to put a custom navigation button for let's say a gallery or a link to my main site page  :)...



in the index.template.php search for:
// Start of the tab section.
there you will find the code for the three tab columns.

it depends on your status (logged in/out, admin, normal user) which tab is available.
So your custom button will apear on different places (logged in/out).
ie as logged in admin there is only one blank tab available.

replace the blank tab code links with the disired ones
<div class="maintab_back"><a href="#">&nbsp;</a></div>


Anyone knows what happened to padexx? He is very inactive at the moment and does not reply to questions...

By the way: would anyone be willing to convert this theme to smf 2?