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Group Color to Background Color

Started by danielwmoore, December 22, 2011, 12:22:00 PM

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This mod was developed as an alternative to the Group Color to CSS mod.

When you have different color themes on your site, the group colors do not always appear well in every theme.

One alternative is to convert it to CSS and assign colors for each and every theme.

Another alternative, the one I have come up with (this mod), changes the color assigned to the group to a "text background" color, similar to using a highlighter over the text.  It uses the CSS3 border radius for browsers that support it to provide a nicer highlight.

I believe this alternative is more efficient because:
  • The text is readable no matter the background color of the displayed area.
  • There is more consistency in using a single color for a group across themes, allowing easier recognition of a group should someone change themes.
  • It will use the colors you have already setup by swapping the color from foreground to background.
  • It is easier to reassign colors to a group, or to assign colors to a new group, since you won't have to change every CSS file for every theme.

This has been tested with Curve on a 2.01 installation only.


Well, installed it and worked fine on my 2.0.1, but then uninstalled it, as it looked a bit messy IMO. 

Thanks for the effort though. :)
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Yeah, it does look a bit messy if you're not using a CSS3 capable browser.  Looks good on CSS3 though.

I'm just not supporting older browsers.  What can I say.  Also, it doesn't really go well with Curve.  I made this for a custom theme that has 53 color variations (including background colors), all in use on one site.  No way you can read the member colors in all the variations any other way.