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Access profile theme through URL

Started by Koppo, September 27, 2017, 10:31:49 AM

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Hi folks,

I am wondering if it's possible to have 2 themes on one forum, that is accesible through 2 URLs?
I have one forum, but it has one category that is kind of worth for another forum. Instead of extracting all the data from that category to create a 2nd forum (what would be really time consuming and PITA), i'd like to have it that way:
When the general user calls my forum with the regular URL, the normal forum is shown. When another user takes the 2nd URL (another domain name) it forwards him to the same forum but with another Theme. To make it look different.
Now I am thinking how the hell could I realize that...
I would probably need a script that accesses the setting in the profile menu, which switches the theme to the desired one, every time I call one or another URL.. Is this doable?



By default SMF allows you to have different themes per board. You could also see if there are any mods to do the same in other areas of the forum.
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Add &theme=x to the URL (assuming there's already a ? in it)

Note that this will hit you hard on Google for duplicating content. Using a per board theme would be better.
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