Where is the config for stop when reg using same e-mail adresses?

Started by Surferbird, August 29, 2012, 04:25:53 PM

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Hi...trying to find the place where you can stop users from registering with same/or double e-mail addresses
but can not find it  :-\

Maybe i'm blind or have bad translation on my forum. I would appreciate some help to find it ;)
Found a user with slight different username but same e-mail addresse. I.e. Targa 63 and Targa63
but same e-mail  :(

Thanks in advance
.:: Always something to ask - always grateful for assistance ::.


it's a default part of SMF.
You can not register multiple accounts with the same email address, because the email address can be used as an alternate way to login....

that user should not have been able to do that. Are you ABSOLUTELY certain it's the same email address?

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