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Started by Team, October 31, 2007, 06:55:37 PM

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I just finished a french translation of Download System for a french SMF forum. Since the mod is not planned for other language than english, it was not really easy.

In the Who.french.php file, add:
// Begin Download System
$txt['whoall_downloads'] = 'Dans les <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=downloads">Téléchargements</a>.';
// END Download System Strings

And copy the two attached file to the languages folder (append if you have other mods).



Thanks for the translation!
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Hi, I'm having the same problem as xvalid. When I upload a file around 5mb it show's as 0kb and gives me the 404 error. I've checked the download location and it hasnt uploaded.

Also tried changing the PHP Settings with no luck :(

Any Suggestions


If the mod works with smaller files then it's probably a limit imposed by your hosting.


Its not a limit imposed by the hosting as I am having the same exact problem except I am dealing with 30MB files. I called my hosting customer service they said that if I can do using FTP then their is no problem with hosting it is a problem with the program or MOD. If you have any ideas please help...I have been following this string for a while.


Forgot to say it worked fine using FTP through windows


vbgamer45, did you have any luck identifying why the keywords dont work for the search?


Ok, seeing as I'm getting nowhere with the search keywords, would anyone like to be EMPLOYED to fix this for me!?


Quote from: murdo on January 02, 2008, 09:12:01 AM
Ok, seeing as I'm getting nowhere with the search keywords, would anyone like to be EMPLOYED to fix this for me!?


This little Hack helped me:

Find in Downloads.php:

if ($searchkeywords)
if ($s1 == 1 || $s2 == 1)
$searchquery .= " OR p.keywords LIKE '$searchfor'";
$searchquery = "p.keywords LIKE '$searchfor'";


if ($searchkeywords)
if ($s1 == 1 || $s2 == 1)
$searchquery .= " OR p.keywords LIKE '%$searchfor%'";
$searchquery = "p.keywords LIKE '%$searchfor%'";

Now you can type in your keywords and you should see results  :)


Still doesn't work properly... one or two of the keywords work, but not all of them??

Is there a dilimeter needed?

My keywords are

one two three four five

and i've also tried

one, two, three, four


Can you give me your Website-Adress pls?  :)


sorry, it is me being thick.. I thought the only change was the additional  %  but I did a copy and paste, and it now works perfectly :)

my site is

thanks so much for your help. there are some other things i want to be able to do, could I chat with you about them? I could PM my msn addy....


No problem, I'm glad it helped  :D
Sorry, I've no MSN-Account, maybe you could send me a PM or a Mail?  :)


No Yahoo / ICQ either?  PM/mail is fine.. just not as easy to explain!


No, I've no messenger running    ;)


ok, well i was looking for help with the site code in general, slightly more advanced things etc... basically, "staff".. lol.. would you be interested? if so, I can email...


What has recruiting staff to do with this topic?


Nothing at all, but he offered good help with this package, unlike some, and has limited communication. It has now moved on to emails / pm.

Does anyone know if the Download "Search" page could be put into a page of its own, outside of "Downloads.php" fairly easily?


Does anyone know how to easily sort the CATEGORIES as apposed to the files?? I cant beleive the "Sort By" only applies to Files, not categories...

I have thousands of categories, it will take me so long sort them manually :(


Can someone explain to me how to CREATE a category...

When I try to add a download it is telling me I must create a category first, but there is no section for me to create a category in downloads configuration...

Thanks in advance


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