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My Cores And Data Currupting

Started by pushkardua, May 02, 2012, 02:24:56 PM

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3 days back i had a problem on my forum...
i dont know how..
my forum automatically currupted and i could only see the background of the forum!!!
i restored the day eirlier database but and issue was resolved
now after 2 days there is again same problem!!
all my data is just currupting and all the thing as automatically deleted!!
i am able to acces my forum through only mobile theme
not able to see admin panel
not able to activate or delete member and not able to see whos online
my database reduced to 400kb it should be around 3 mb when compressed
i talked to hosting people they said my cores are currupted!!
i need help please help me!!


I'd suggest overwriting all files except Settings.php with the files from the SMF 2.0.2 large upgrade package. Also, try changing the passwords of your ftp, hosting and mysql accounts, as you might have been hacked. ;) Don't forget to use repair_settings.php, though. Also, are there any other admins or moderators on your forum, apart from yourself?


it is also showing that no  packages are installed as my packages folder is deeted automatically


Wait, are you sure about that? Then it's possible that you might have been hacked, so please check this out: