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Enabling topic recycling problem

Started by _saiko, November 04, 2011, 08:59:07 PM

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When topic recycling is enabled and deleted topics are moved to a certain board there's an issue with 'show unread posts'.

When a topic is deleted and transfered to the designated board on the forum index that board is marked with 'new posts'.
Marking all the topics read and subsequently displaying the 'show unread posts' returns no results even tho the board is still marked as if it contains new posts. Displaying the board specific 'show unread posts' (/index.php?action=unread;board=<>;children) really shows the topic that's supposedly read.
Opening the deleted topic itself doesn't remove the 'new topics' notification from the board.

My site doesn't have mods installed, it's the 2.0.1 version.


i think best fix for this if i understand your issue correctly, is to limit which groups can view the recycle board to those that are moderator etc, then the posts will not show up for others anywhere and the notifications will not be sent as the user can not view the board. otherwise that board works just like any other board.


Yes but it annoys me as an admin.
And it definitely sounds to me as if this is a bug.


no it is not a bug as that board works like a normal board so it is doing what it should, sounds like you want a mod to change this.


I don't understand how this can be considered working like normal?
It ALWAYS appears as if it contains new posts even when it DOESN'T


Maybe it's possible to remove the button completely, then it wouldn't be a problem for you.  Someone taught me a long time ago, "Don't sweat the small stuff".  I still struggle with it from time to time, but I am getting better.  We keep our deleted topics in a forum only viewable by staff and I never pay attention to the new topics posted buttons anyways.