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Admin Password etc

Started by DorsetDave, July 09, 2018, 12:57:08 PM

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I am the Administrator for the Forum attached to Wimborne Town FC. Recently the club changed hosts for its main website. Ever since , when I sign on, I get the message as per attached . When I click on it, it brings up the page as per attached also [part page attachment only] But I don't know what to do with it. I have got the IT people looking at it.
Unless you can suggest an answer I may have to let them have access to the Forum with my username and password. Afterwards I will change my password. But I can't even see how I can do that. I am running SMF 2.0.15


To start with, try going though this route:

Admin >> Configuration >> Themes & Layout... >> Theme Settings  and hit the button marked "Attempt to reset all themes"


The path should probably have a few more slashes in there. Try running repair_settings.php, click on the recommended values (let the populate the adequate fields, and see if that fixes the theme path problem ;).
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I did exactly as 'Shambles' advised and it has worked. Have tried it a couple of times and everything seems fine. Thanks for the replies folks. Much appreciated


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