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News and Updates
Look here to find general news concerning Simple Machines or its software packages.

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Organizational News and Updates
News and updates related specifically to the Simple Machines organization/corporation.

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SMF Support

SMF Online Manual
Need a quick answer?  Check out SMF's Online Wiki for the answers to the most common questions.

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SMF 1.1.x Support
English user help for SMF versions 1.1.  Bumping topics less than 24 hours old is frowned upon.

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SMF 2.0.x Support
English support for SMF 2.0.  If you encounter any bugs please report them in the Bug Reports board.

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SMF 2.1.x Support
English support for SMF 2.1.  If you encounter any bugs please report them in the Bug Reports board.

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Sub-BoardsPostgreSQL Support

Converting to SMF
Need help converting from a different piece of software?  Is there a converter that we do not have that you want?

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Server Performance and Configuration
Look here to see what you can change to make your forum and server perform better or to configure your server to take full advantage of what SMF has to offer.

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Customizing SMF

SMF Coding Discussion
Want help writing a modification or theme? If you've found a bug, please post to Bug Reports instead

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Bridges and Integrations
Chat about software that integrates with SMF, or that you'd like integrated.

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Modifications and Packages
Mods and packages posted on the mod site can be discussed here.

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Sub-BoardsMod Requests

Graphics and Templates
Graphic and theme or template discussion go in here.

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Tips and Tricks
Looking for a small change?  We've got what you want.

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Sub-BoardsNow Available

Building Your Community and other Forum Advice
This board is here to help you build your community and make it successful. Please post support in the 1.x Support or 2.x Support boards.

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SMF Development

Feature Requests
Itching for a new feature that you think should be there by default?  Tell us here!

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Bug Reports
Think you've found a bug with SMF? If so please report them here. Bugs with the site should be posted in Site Comments

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General Community

Site Comments, Issues and Concerns
Comments on this slick site? Post them here. (SMF bugs should be reported in Bug Reports.)

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Scripting Help
Got a PHP, MySQL, HTML, or just some other scripting problem? Just ask here. One of our wannabe coders might be willing to solve it.

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Test Board
1, 2, 3 testing, testing - you can do almost anything here, including delete, sticky, and edit other people's posts.

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Simple Machines Blogs

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