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SMF 2.0.5 critical security patch released

Started by Oldiesmann, August 12, 2013, 08:34:06 PM

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Nice job on the patch guys.

Please don't suggest that people should re-run the Fetch SM Files task. It's run on an infrequent basis (no less than once a week) to avoid the servers here being hammered...
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Great well done..........Also a high five for the translation teams for updating the language packs



That was almost ridiculously easy, smooth and seamless!  Thanks guys  :)




Quote from: ChalkCat on August 13, 2013, 03:13:26 PM
Serves you right for using 00000webhost  :P
hahaha. I'm on a vps with a diff provider.  I'm rollin!


Outstanding as always!

Thanks very much to all of you who work so hard to make Simple Machines a first rate product. :)



Thank you great job installed it on my test forum and works fine with all my mods then upgraded my main forum and so far so good. :)



Read through the parsed install.. simple and clean changes.

  • Backed up database.
  • Backed up files.
  • Snapshot backup of the file system for quick reversion if something goes wrong.
  • Uploaded package.
  • Shot of vodka. (This step is critical.)
  • Clicked Install.
  • Closed eyes... peaked...

Installed perfectly fine. No issues at all. :)


Updated in 10 seconds flat.

I take it, that's a good thing? :P
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August 14, 2013, 07:02:02 AM #53 Last Edit: August 14, 2013, 07:19:19 AM by MoreBloodWine
I'm using he update your forum link from the admin area and I keep getting this.

Not Acceptable

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /index.php could not be found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


I normally use IE and was getting a window with no real info in it, so I tried FF and got the above. All my sites are doing it but all are functiong just fine.

Edit: Stricken out since I guess I made one of those SMF snafu's lol
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Thank you so much - I updated without any problems. You are great  :D


Short, quickly, easy. Great as always

Many thanks.