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Local time on the forum

Started by Srinib, July 07, 2012, 03:12:52 PM

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Is there a standard option in SMF(or a MOD) to show the local time?
If he login from NY, it should show the EST. And if he login from Italy, he should get the Italy local time on his forum.


Already exists in a way. Look and Layout has Time Offset with an auto detect feature allows each user to set their local time. The theme being used has to include showing the local time. The theme here on SMF does just that. Does that help you out?
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SMF has the default (system, or guest) time, and an hours offset for users. For the default timezone, it's best to select the proper PHP 5 timezone in Admin > Features and Options > General, rather than using an hours offset. Don't rely on the timezone autodetect (unless they've fixed it recently). It used an obsolete format (/etc/GMT+4) without DST (summer time). As for individual members, they still seem to have only an hours offset from default time (not a specified timezone with correct DST rules) in Profile > Look and Layout. For SMF 2.1 it would be really nice to let users select their timezone by name (hint, hint).

I am not aware of any way to autodetect the timezone in use at the browser (getenv('SOMETHING') or $_SERVER['SOMETHING']).


Quote from: MrPhil on July 07, 2012, 06:51:48 PMFor SMF 2.1 it would be really nice to let users select their timezone by name (hint, hint).[/i]

Track it.


Quote from: Antechinus on July 07, 2012, 06:57:55 PM
Quote from: MrPhil on July 07, 2012, 06:51:48 PMFor SMF 2.1 it would be really nice to let users select their timezone by name (hint, hint).[/i]

Track it.
Also, some people wouldn't have to update their time offset to contend witht he likes of daylight savings time.


It's not the easiest thing to do in the world but it is certainly doable (hint, hint)
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You can tell it's Standard Time. And my wife and I have a forum we started, actually saved a weight loss business, by taking over the forum so the business would not lose some of it's more active members. We started our forum March 19, 2012 and I set up the server settings, being a bit of a geek, and my wife the socializer that has really kept this going as I couldn't have done it myself.

NOW here is the problem. GoDaddy hosts this forum as it is my hosting for my other URLs. And they are that funny place that doesn't change to Daylight time. So my wife and I live in Michigan which is eastern time. Our profile showed a 3 hour offset from the server time in Phoenix. Now it is only a 2 hour offset. My wife and I both chose the 'auto detect' setting to change the offset to 2 hours now. That works fine for posts today and forward, but the old posts are an hour earlier now.

I want to put up a notice about the time change as I know some members will just click the 'auto detect' while others will need to be instructed. BUT is there a way I can do this automatically on the Server, so that if left alone everyone's settings are automatically updated, depending on their local time? I don't see a modification for version for 2.0.2?


I'd start a new topic, mate, if I were you. Possibly in the support board for the version of SMF that you're using, or the "Help wanted" one.


Thanks K@. I may do that. I am going to try emulate and see if that works. Busy here, but I am hoping to keep the hours right. I have that OCD. I just discovered a camera given me, had the wrong date. So I have a couple months of pix, maybe that are a 'day late or a dollar short'.  :laugh:


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