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Image quality

Started by Neverhurry, March 05, 2012, 12:35:18 PM

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Hi, I found out that the image i upload to my forum looks a little worse quality than it is. Is there anything inside the forum software that degrades quality of uploaded images? Thanks for reply very much.
I am using SMF 2.0.1, curve themes.


Check if your browser has anything other than 100% "zoom" enabled. Slightly enlarging or shrinking an image can really kill the quality. I presume that you're comparing the forum's presentation of this image against a straight browser load of the same file? Did you do any image manipulations on the image, such as turning it into a thumbnail (or other scaling)? If it's JPEG, don't forget that every time you save the file (even if you didn't make any changes), the quality will go down as information is discarded during compression. In other words, if JPEG, have the two files been saved the same number of times?


Also, if you have SMF set to resize the image, that would fluff them up, a bit.


Thank you guys very much. I unchecked the "Re-encode potentially dangerous image attachments" inside the admin control panel - attachment settings, and that did the trick.
I am using SMF 2.0.1, curve themes.


OO! Must remember that one.

Ta, for letting us know, dooood!