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2.0.9 - Removing title text.

Started by Hathor, April 06, 2015, 03:41:31 AM

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I used 2.0.9 until a few days ago when i took a leap and migrated to 2.1. The largest problem of 2.0.9 was that the title of the non-postcount groups couldnt be removed. It had to be manually commented out of the code. I love SMF. I really do. But when people have to sift through code, after finding the solution, is a really dumb solution. It is assumed that the user is tech savvy, but maybe wants something easily useable to his or her needs and ends up doing programmers work, albest extremely limited. Given the forums name, this is a contradiction as this simple need to remove the title in posts is not simple. Hell, if someone hadnt posted how to do it, i never would've found it.

Not everyone wants a title text, and a rank image. Please give us the option to reasonably easily chose which to use.

For the next version i seriously urge you to consider making this possible by flipping a switch in ACP.


QuoteThe largest problem of 2.0.9 was that the title of the non-postcount groups couldnt be removed.

Because you couldn't possibly have done it any other way, like making it a secondary group or anything.

Also note: more options == more complexity.
Perhaps it would have been better if I'd simply never bothered. Y'all clearly would be less unhappy that way.


in short...   probably not going to be accepted, since it is easily worked around, even without modifying code

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Then make the groups hidden. No code editing required.