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How do we get rid of the annoying verification?!

Started by Fenderen, October 20, 2016, 08:37:19 AM

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Quotebut still, take the blame also.

No. I pushed hard to change the situation. Not only did I make the multi-language Q&A for 2.1, I made it available for SMF 2.0 - for this site - 2 and a half years ago. I can't make them change their mind about using it.

I also wrote other anti-spam mods in the same sort of time, all of which would help this situation, and none of them are used here either. This isn't on me. I have tried to make this problem go away, and I think I've done more than most on this subject.

QuoteSpammers not coming here on massive assult all the time as it is not a high target for spam,

It's a huge target. There are entire boards closed off because they were so frequented by spammers. The only reason you don't see them is because you're not here every day, you've not been a moderator here, you've not woken up to find dozens and dozens of spam posts to removed that appeared while you were asleep.

For a site that typically has hundreds of active users all at once (and remember: every SMF forum links back here!) it's a huge target, though not as big as it used to be because forums in general are dying.

QuoteYou not have to be afraid of spammers as much as afraid scaring people away.

You don't know how many spammers there are.

QuoteWell, strange You missed whole point of SMF while being a teammember, what You mean there is no official philosophy?

I didn't say that there wasn't one - there certainly used to be one, but I think it disappeared a long time ago when the original founders and devs left, and I think there's been a distinct loss of way since.

I know exactly what these things mean. I remember when Jeff wrote a blog post that if anyone linked to it, they could be banned because Jeff had left and things got very sour and very toxic. It's not an accident that I have 66,000 posts here.

QuoteYou can Use LOGICAL questions, math, (we still talking about THIS forum here, imidiate fix, that is not highest target for spammers) how hard is for spammers to get the question answer base and use it? 

xrumer has been able to solve math questions for years, and even if it can't solve it by itself, it can ask Google. xrumer, for point of fact, is a spam tool, that is upgraded regularly (like weekly) and shares data between every other xrumer instance out there so that breaking one forum's CAPTCHA helps all the others.

QuoteAnyway, how many words there is to translate (if it is actual idea, that SMF go for sure, the WORK link should be added to topic all the time, so people can pick it up, only way to speed it up + looking people from language forums who do it for free), i can do the Estonian part.

When I pitched this to the team in 2014, I was suggesting 10 questions, each of which with 3-4 answers, but getting that across the dozens of languages SMF supports was apparently too difficult.

Consider something: I'm not on the SMF team. Why do you think that is? Could it be that I grew frustrated with the team in the same kind of way you are?


You assume there is one. I know there hasn't been a plan for a while, it's why I quit, because I was so fed up of endless discussions and lack of action. When a discussion for 'child boards' vs 'sub-boards' was a multi-page topic, I knew enough was enough.
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I use live email from my mobile as well as my laptops, (3 different PCs) and right when Im about to send an important email, it gets stopped in the process by the annoying verification process which keeps telling me theyre avoiding spammers. SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! this continues even AFTER I have gone through the verification process multiple times. When I try to verify with a mobile number, the code never even comes through!!


I have no idea what you're talking about, the verification you describe is not used on this forum before you make a post (which is what this topic is about)
No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented


Sorry about the old thread. However, I am having the same issue!


Please refer to the responses posted throughout this topic, which, being over year old and no longer on the front page of this board can be left to rest.
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