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Pinterest says images in posts are invalid

Started by ummizu, June 05, 2013, 02:00:21 PM

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Hi, I can't get Pinterest to accept images from posts, saying it's not a valid image. This goes for attachments or if I add the attachment in full size to the post. They are jpg pictures.
Images from a gallery mod are accepted fine.
site is [nofollow] is you need to have a look.

Any idea what is causing this problem?


that is because "attachments" are not identified as image files in SMF. For security reasons, the file extension is removed.
(same thing goes for facebook)

I don't know why an inline image, using the img bbc tags would not be accepted...

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I use and have tested the Pinterest share button. It works, it recognizes the img tags but for actual attachments, well, like Kindred said.

Not sure what script are you using tho. If any.


ok I guess the attachment taking out the extension is the issue because I was using the large version of the attachment in the post.