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Option to move personal text

Started by Dark//Virus, October 02, 2008, 11:17:27 PM

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I would like to move the personal text to below the username we are using the forums in a way that it needs to describe a persons role, i have the information importing in from active directory, that all works.

But i would like to make it like this

Display Name
Personal Text
Group (eg : Forum Admin)
etc etc
etc etc
Post Count

Any help would be appreciated


I have installed a mod to move the avatar and personal text under the membership rank, this is perfect apart from i dont allow avatars so there is a gap between 'Forum admin' and 'Business Title'

Any ideas how i would swap this around?
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You can change the order of those tags by editing your Display.template.php file.

Search for "// Show the member's custom title, if they have one." and start modifying around that area. Much of that stuff could be rearranged without any great risk of harming anything.

By the way, questions of this sort would be great in SMF's "Coding Discussion" board.