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Daily Digest Notification Default values

Started by oblongmedulla, March 19, 2008, 04:00:22 PM

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Is there a way to set the board default to send every member a digest daily for all boards?

Im sure this can be done via mysql?

Please advise?


thanks but with 2.0 there is a daily digest feature, and with a small board I would like to add this option. It is all there just I want to set the new members and current members to receive a daily digest from all boards...

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I would highly not recommend it as the amount of emails you would be sending out could annoy some email providers to ban your domain.

But you could forcefully change the notification type to daily via the database and set the default via database again (Though it may be in Admin -> Current Theme -> Reset Options) to the daily notification.
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Yeah... you'd have to do it manually via the database.  Likely would have to edit the registration code for new members too :(

Maybe there should be some way of managing notifications via admin?
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