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General question

Started by curiosity, April 15, 2010, 07:15:47 PM

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Hello.  I am planning on running version 1.1.11 for a new forum that has about 100-400 members waiting to use the forum.  I have run other forums, am somewhat technical, but have never used the software previously.  I am planning on adding a couple of mods, nothing major.   The problem is that I am somewhat starved for time.  Another user that I know that runs the exact same software told me he was able to do the whole thing in under an hour.  But yet another user that I know that also runs the same software told me it took him 18-20 hours/day for over a week to install the mods and 'put out fires' (???).  Who is right, and who is lieing?  Thanks for your help in advance.


theyre both right it all depends on what mods you are installing and also using 1.1.11 if you use a custom theme you need to make theme edits manually which will take time.


Also it will depend on the users experience.

The mods may install with no errors.

The mods may require a small edit manually or none at all.

Or the mod may require an edit which may look impossible.

The number of installed mods is also to be taken into account.